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Radio Emitting Bug and Spy Camera Detector

  This product uses active laser scanning and passive wireless method of combing the sweep ..


Bug And Hidden Camera Lens Detector - Black

Feature: Capable to find CMOS and CCD lens Built in ultra light LED Camera lens detector is..


CC-309 Full Angle Anti Spy Detector Full Band Laser Scanning & Wireless Scanning

Description: Use this dependable CC-309 Full Angle Anti Spy Detector Full Band Laser Scanning &..


Flashlight With Video Recorder - Black

Features : Light lamp, strong light, weak light, SOS emergency flashing. Metal shell, excellent ..


Handheld Metal Detector

Product Features:    Maximum sensitivity & ruggedness: capable of detecting v..


Handheld Wireless Camera Hunter With Monitor

Description: HS-5000A, A professional wireless camera scanner is one of the most advanced video s..


Multifunction Handheld Wideband Digital Frequency

Description: C3000-Plus is a professional anti-stealing recorded wireless handheld device. It can..


Portable Professional Bug Detector

Features: Professional, sensitive,With wide detecting frequency range.  Sound and light ala..


Professional Handheld Digital Frequency Counter

Description: Records all unknown frequency accurately C3000-Pro is the most advanced handheld di..


Professional Portable Wireless Spy Bug Signal Detector

Advantage and Feature: High precisely to locate the wireless signal source. Workingwith s..


Professional Wireless Ultra Sensitive Signal Detector

Description: As the technology of wireless tapping tecknology develops, the performance of wirele..